Refer a Little Sister

Why should I refer?

There is a great need to make a difference in young girls’ lives in the community today. By providing them with one-on-one guidance from an adult female, it enhances the belief of the endless possibilities that young girls aspire to one day have.

A Little Sister may:

  • – Come from a single parent home
  • – Need the attention from a caring adult
  • – Need motivation, help or encouragement
  • – Benefit from the warmth and personal interest of a Big Sister


Little Sisters should be:

  • – Between the ages of 5 and 14
  • – Want a Big Sister and their Parents/Guardians want them to be in our program
  • – Come from all areas of Racine and are economically, culturally, ethnically diverse
  • – May stay in our program until they are 18 years-old